April 07, 2021 2 min read


Saying we care about our products is an understatement.  We spend every day talking about improving each product's comfort, fit, and overall design.  It's our job, and we take it seriously.  As a small business, product changes take time and many hours of work--it's a labor of love for us!  So when we're excited about a new release, you know why: we have literally poured ourselves into the design.  One design that we are exceptionally proud of is our new Standard Issue GEO 2.0 Tech Gloves. 
All of our gloves go through rigorous testing, and with so many options on the market, we have to be on top of our game!  We updated our GEO gloves with new design features with help from product testing and customer feedback (and YES! we listen to your feedback, so keep it coming!). Let's talk about the slew of changes that have happened throughout three generations of gloves:

Palm Material with Silicone Printing - We are going for a minimalist yet durable glove, and we didn't cut corners on our silicone grip.  Our new silicone palm material is extremely durable and grips wet or dry.



    Thumb "Swiper" material - Made soft and comfortable for wiping your tears or your snot, really your choice. This new material is also second to none in the durability department. You'll see many other gloves on the market start to fray or even come apart here.



      Touch Screen - No, you don't have to take your gloves off anymore to answer the phone, send a text, or snap that awesome post-ride selfie!

        Stretch Panel Cuff - A better overall fit on the wrist makes for a more effortless off/on.



          Reinforcement Patch - A reinforcement patch between the index finger and thumb to prevent common seam blowouts.

            Even with all these great changes there is still more to do, and there are always ways to improve! The industry is constantly changing, and we do our best to keep up with the long-lasting mountain bike apparel changes rather than what's currently trending. We have new glove releases on the horizon for this summer, and this past winter we came out with a Cool Weather version of our gloves for colder days on the trail. We couldn't do all of this without customer support, so we thank you for allowing us to keep serving YOU! We hope you will keep enjoying our gear for many years and changes to come!