Cool Weather Tech 2.0 Glove (Trees)

Trees Cool Weather Tech 2.0 Glove

Product Overview

Say goodbye to bulky winter gloves! Our Cool Weather Tech 2.0 MTB Gloves are constructed of Windproof, All-Weather Neoprene and packed with the same features as the standard gloves. In addition, we used our upgraded single-layer palm material to retain normal feel and control when grabbing the bars with a slip-on neoprene cuff to keep the cold out. These gloves are made for one thing: ripping singletrack when the temperature drops!


Unisex Performance Fit

Specs and Features

  • Constructed of windproof neoprene material to keep you riding all year long
  • Built to have a minimalist feel (like a second layer of skin, order one size up if you like a looser fit)
  • Neoprene slip-on cuff to keep the cold out!
  • Touch screen that works on both the index finger and thumb
  • Reinforcement patch in between the index finger and thumb to prevent common seam blowouts
  • Upgraded palm material and silicone printing for enhanced grip and durability
  • Pre-curved fingers for better comfort and control when grabbing the bars

Winter Mountain Bike Gloves

Built for you

We believe in the freedom and positive benefits of cycling. Whether you are a beginner mountain biker, weekend warrior, Enduro racer, or just love riding bikes with friends, we built our MTB gear for you.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jesse D Coffman
Sweet gloves

Very comfortable and just the right amount of warmth

William Burge (Dallas, TX)
Warm, thin, and light

Love the gloves! Perfect for my climate. Ive used them down to about 32 degrees F. Very comfotable. Sizing chart and fit were accurate for my hands based on the measurements they gave.

Dani K. (McSherrystown, PA)
Love at first grip!

I absolutely love these gloves. My fingers are one of the first things that get cold when the temps start dropping, but my hands have stayed warm in temps below 40 F. I love these gloves so much that I wear them while riding, walking, hiking, driving...may need to purchase multiple pairs. Warmth without the bulk!

David Smith (Churchville, VA)
The Neoprene works!

As a motorcycle rider also I know the importance of keeping your hands warm. It is warm hands that give control of the 2 wheel vehicle.
These are the best option I have found on a bike.
Highly Recommended.

Matt F (Erie, CO)
Good fit and a bit warmer than I expected....which is good.

I really like riding sans gloves...but of course, that only works when it's warm out. Once the mercury starts to fall my hands suffer...big time. But big, bulky gloves lead to a lack of dexterity and hand pain. These gloves really do a great job down to about the freezing mark during a sunny day. I think being windproof makes a huge difference vs. just bulky insulation. Having a standard palm, which is where you really don't need insulation also makes a glove that feels "normal" but still works to keep you toasty! I followed the sizing guide and ordered based off they're recommendations which was spot on.