Standard Issue - Tech Lite Summer Glove (Spectrum)

Standard Issue Spectrum

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Unisex Performance Fit

Product Overview

Bring on that full-fledged summer sweat because our Tech Lite Gloves know how to keep the handlebar grip optimal! They feature a fully ventilated palm, highly breathable open mesh fabric, our upgraded thumb swiper material, and a thumb reinforcement patch. Part of our sustainability mission at Cognative is to make products that last!


Specs and Features

  • New 4-way stretch open mesh fabric for breathability, moisture management, and an overall ultralight feel
  • Fully ventilated upgraded palm material with hundreds of holes
  • Built to have a minimalist feel (like a second layer of skin, order one size up if you like a looser fit)
  • Silicone touchpoint grip for added performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Trim-less cuff for an easy on/off and enhanced breathability
  • Touch screen technology on both the index finger and thumb
  • Reinforcement patch in between the index finger and thumb to prevent common seam blowouts
  • Ultra-soft and durable thumb swiper material

Summer Mountain Bike Gloves

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Peter Pavlov (Glen Burnie, MD)
great gloves

I have been riding with half gloves in the summer but wanted to try full gloves to minimize the small cuts and bruises I get on the exposed parts of my fingers but was afraid full gloves will be too hot and sweaty in the summer. I ordered the lite summer glove since it was on sale and I was very pleasantly surprised how well ventilated they are and kept my hands cool and how comfortable they are even on long epic rides. I just need to order a couple extra pairs.

Hugh Owings (Nashville, TN)
I kill gloves for fun, apparently.

These have held up great so far. Im happy with them.

Julio Meyer (Boston, MA)

Standard Issue - Tech Lite Summer Glove (Spectrum)

K M (Schenectady, NY)
As Advertised

I can say these truly are summer gloves; they're the first ones I haven't had to pull off in the middle of a ride because my hands were too hot. Very comfy.

Allen H. (Silver Spring, MD)
Just the gloves I've been looking for...

I've been through a fair number of gloves looking for something that can deal with the DC summer heat/humidity and keep me connected to my bike. I've tried different manufacturers, different styles, and all have been okay, but not great. They wouldn't dry fast enough, or breath well enough. They'd be good for the early/late season, but would fall flat during the peak summer months.

These gloves (the Lite Summer style) are just what I've been looking for. The palms are grippy, keeping my hands well in contact with the Loam Grips from PNW. And the backing material is great at wicking sweat away from my hands and drying out, even while riding. But these gloves definitely don't retain sweat/water like the other styles. My hands aren't coming out nearly as pruney and water logged as before. The gloves are easy to remove as well after a good, hard, sweat laden ride. Buy whatever size you've purchased in the past, as the "lite" versions fit just like the others offered by Cognative MTB.

If you live somewhere that gets hot, humid, or a combination of the two during the summer months, these are the gloves you need to keep contact with your bars/grips. They aren't as substantial as the rest, so order a few pairs and rotate them through the ride cycles. But they are just what you need for those uber hot/humid rides.