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Cool Weather Mountain Bike Gloves

  • Built to have a minimalist feel with maximum durability and features
  • Our cool weather gloves feature the same durable palm material as our tech glove to maximize grip and feel
  • The outer material is a water resistant/windproof neoprene that is fleece lined for warmth but not too bulky to slow you down
  • Recommended temperature range is upper 30's to upper 50's (everybody is a little different)
  • These are custom built to our specifications straight from the factory!
  • Every MTB glove is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Return/Exchange Policy

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    Mountain bike touch screen gloves

    ** For every pair of MTB gloves sold we donate $1 to Pisgah Area SORBA which protects, maintains, and builds trails in Pisgah National Forest

    FREE US shipping!  (Arrives in 1-3 days)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Nailt it!

    I'm a gear whore. There. I said it.
    Having been a cyclist for 30yrs and tried a huge variety of gloves. While I cant say any one particular glove is a favorite, I can remember certain ones standing out for different reasons. With HandUp storming the market with much success, its been hard for another company to come along and stand out. Enter: Cognative MTB.
    First, let me say that these are "COOL" weather gloves, not "COLD" weather gloves. If you've ever ridden during cold winter months, you probably know that cold riding gloves may keep your meat hooks warm, but they're also big, bulky, and sacrifice manual dexterity. The Cognative MTB cool weather gloves are PERFECT for those "in between" temps of 35-55 where you just need "a little extra". The grip is on bulky gel padding or other material to get in the way, and the touch sensitive material is great for whipping out your phone for a quick pic of your epic rides along the way.
    Sizing is just as stated in the product description, so if you're unfamiliar with comparable brands, measure your hands. As always, Austin provides stellar customer service and shipping times. Grab yourself a pair! You love em!

    Say Hello to my little friends!

    When I'm not snorting cocaine or keeping my Miami business running smoothly, you'll find me shredding the gnar in the East TN, and WNC mountains.
    With this comes a need for a cool weather glove that helps take the edge off but doesn't burn up and make my hands sweat like a little groveling Columbian cartel mule, pleading for his life after stepping on my turf.
    The fit is very similar to HandUp, but its snug at first, so don't freak out until you ride them a few times, if they seem uber right.
    The manual dexterity is spot on! No "bunching" in the palms, and the grip is just right, whether you're handling the bars down A-Line at whistler, or wielding your AR15 to fight off rival cartels.
    The neoprene tops provided perfect warmth between 30ish to 50ish degrees , but everyone is different. So, if you're crying because your girl hands got cold during a 50degree ride, remember they're "cool" weather gloves, not "cold" weather. There's always a trade off for warmth and breathability.
    For sizing reference, I wear a medium in Handup, and a large in Giro gloves. I bought the large in my Cognatives, and the fit is perfect.

    Perfect Gloves for real diehards

    I bought the heavy gloves for MTB. Gloves will make you faster and jump much higher and farther. without these gloves, i could only jump a Ford Focus, now I clear semis.

    Great quality gloves

    Fit great, high quality materials, touchscreen easy to manipulate, warm hands into the mid 40(s), thinking they'll do good down to freezing. Excellent grip and enough padding

    Not really impressed

    I've been using these gloves for a few weeks and honestly, I haven't been impressed. The fit is a bit loose compared to other brand's gloves of the same size around the wrist. For "cool" weather I would say they work OK as long as the temperature is not below 55 then they suffer from air leaking in the finger area. I had to go for another set from another brand halfway though a long ride in the 40s because my hands were so cold. The only thing I like about them is the ability to use touch screen and the grip is decent enough.

    Hello Daylin, thanks for the feedback and sorry the gloves did not work out for you. The reason why we advertised these as a 'Cool' weather and not a 'Cold' weather glove is because they are not fully lined. By keeping the glove not lined, and therefore thin, you get maximum feel on the bars but it does limit how cold they will go due to the seams (we will offer a fully lined 'Cold' weather glove next year). Everybody is a little different (you can see a review below where the rider tested down to mid 40s and found them to good to probably go even lower). We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and would be happy to exchange or refund your purchase, just reach out to us! Cheers