Men's Standard Issue Sunburst- Tech 2.0 Jersey (2 Sleeve Length Options)

Standard Cognative Issue

Promesh+™ is our top-selling and most versatile all-season jersey material.  The dual-layer mesh material wicks moisture away from the body, enhancing airflow and managing moisture when you need it most.


Loose Fit Performance MTB Jersey

Specs and Features

  • The new Tech 2.0 Jersey features a longer tail and an underarm gusset for increased range of motion and overall comfort
  • Features our Promesh+™ fabric for maximum airflow and moisture management
  • This dual-layer mesh material wicks moisture away from the body, allowing the jersey to dry extremely fast

    Built for You

    We believe in the freedom and positive benefits of cycling. Whether you are a beginner mountain biker, weekend warrior, Enduro racer, or just love riding bikes with friends, we built our MTB gear for you.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Brit (Storrs, CT)
    Now you SEE ME!

    Love the colors and the light fabric.

    Jose Pahuamba (Raleigh, NC)
    Great shirt

    Jersey feels very comfortable and cool.

    meng (Portland, OR)

    Ive been a wild horse of sorts when it comes to buying various MTB gear. My stoke for riding had me seeking out the best gear by any means necessary. I leapt over the corral fence with reckless abandon and purchased just about every top brand out there. I have a top 3 and Cognative MTB is in the mix! No lie. This stuff is magical and powerful. My riding skills have skyrocketed since I've started sporting this brand. I've gone to BATTLE with the trails due to how energized I feel "dripping" in Cognative apparel. Other riders, complete strangers to me, have cheered and ROARED as I've flown around AND OVER them (like for real airborne stuff here). Many have extended a hand and leapt with all their might to reach out and up to just touch my glorious Cognative MTB jerseys. Ive even had children with pad and paper beg for autographs...kinda crazy, I dont feel deserving but had to oblige for fear of broken hearts. This stuff is the best, buy it now or pay the consequences of weak, uninspired riding!!

    Chris Viens (Hyannis, MA)

    Comfortable, breathable, keeps me cool on the trails.

    Brian Schroeder (Indianapolis, IN)

    Live the shirt and socks I got. I mainly got them for price, but I really appreciate helping local communities and my mom and dad live in asheville. All about y'all helping out!