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2023 Goals: Cognative Retail and Public Bike Park coming soon!

September 15, 2022 3 min read

It's been a while since we updated you all on our new property. So let's dive into the progress and what we've been up to.

One year ago, we purchased a 4-acre property just a few miles west of Hendersonville, NC, with both a commercial and residential building. It just so happened to be about as central as you can get to the best trails around… #priorities.

So our first order of business (Phase 1) was remodeling the residential building and turning it into the Cognative Ride House. We did a full gut and remodel, complete with a new bike workshop and game room. It opened a week before Christmas, has seen over 50 guests, and has maintained a 100% 5-star rating!

Cognative Ride House

Phase 2 was relocating our Cognative HQ into the commercial building. The building was already split into two parts. The back half was formally a car detail business and is where our new office and warehouse are now. We had a mere 25 days to turn it over and move in, which made our team go into hustle mode. We gutted the back half of the building and did all the necessary upgrades, including adding insulation, central heat, and air for the first time in its 60yr lifespan!


Since spring this year, we've been slowly finishing the backspace and have finally started to work on the front half (retail space)… Now to the fun part… Our Vision for our retail business is a model combining several things we mountain bikers love: coffee, beer, and riding gear! So we have our priorities in order and, of course, bought a used too-good-to-pass-up deal on a kegerator before we even started construction.


Things kicked into full speed in July on the retail space remodel. Since then, we've painted the exterior, installed numerous windows (with more on the way), and completely demolished and redid the front porch (one of many new outdoor spaces with seating).


The inside remodel is also underway. We had the pleasure (insert sarcastic tone) of removing 6,000lbs of drop ceiling, three nasty layers deep. With the drop ceiling upheaval complete, we are going for a high vaulted ceiling design which will make the space more appealing once it all comes together.


We have also started re-working the electrical in the building, and we sorta know what we're doing…

This space will be a dedicated section where you can try on and purchase all the new Cognative gear in person. We will also have a full-scale coffee shop, taps, and bakery items! This new business will be called the "Cognative Brew House."

And now, the REALLY fun part… from the beginning of purchasing this property, our team has had the vision of using a piece of the land to open a public bike park! And by public, we mean free! Although we have some of the best trails in the US minutes away, we lack a place for kids and beginner riders to hone their skills and have a safe space to fall in love with the sport. It took about 1/2 second to pitch this idea to Seth from Berm Peak before he was all in. We're currently working with Seth on the planning side of things, including recruiting other local industry companies to help sponsor the dream of this park.

So when's this dream coming to reality? We've got a lot of crap to work through (literally, we have to put in a new septic system). We hope to have the retail, coffee shop, and taps open by the end of March, maybe sooner. There is a good chance the bike park could be ready around the same time!

We are proud of the fact that our team is putting in a lot of hard work around here. Not just on our brand but hands-on, bringing this new retail business to life!

We are the true definition of a small business:
No private investors or equity
No paid athletes or celebrities
No fake "paid for" internet product reviews
We are dedicated to making the best gear possible and investing in our public land trails. That's who we are and what our number one mission will always be!

None of this would be possible without your support. So from all of us here at Cognative, thank you!