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Berm Park is Finally Open!

April 28, 2022 2 min read

Berm Park

We had such a fun weekend on the opening day of Berm Park that we wanted to share a recap and some information on how the whole thing came about. We want to ensure that you've got Berm Park on your "must-do" list when planning your next trip to Western North Carolina! Suppose you aren't familiar with Berm Park, and that's ok. Here is a short bit of information to get you up to speed. Berm Park is a 10-acre section of mountain bike-specific trails residing in a larger multi-use park known as Chestnut Mountain Park, located in Canton, NC. Through a combination of donors, a large portion of which being from Seth's YouTube subscribers, Berm Park was funded. Now back to the update. 


We kicked off the opening day of the new park with our Cognative booth stocked full of new Berm Park merchandise. Little did we know we would set our record for single-day sales, and by a long shot! We sold out of the Men's Berm Park jerseys in less than 3 hours. But Don't worry, we are fully restocked on all of the Berm Park merch: Shop the latest gear from The Berm Park Collection!


Berm Park

After three years in the making, Berm Park opened on April 23rd! It was an overwhelming turnout with loads of community support. Our area of Western North Carolina has quickly become known as the Mountain Bike Capital of the East Coast. However, the majority of our public trail systems are not beginner-friendly and not the easiest to hit for that after-work ride. Seth saw an opportunity to work with a local town, Canton, to develop the area's first-ever bike park and first-ever trail system! Seth donated several years of his Patreon funds and worked with several other businesses that donated the remaining funds in addition to funding from the county. Berm Park is a true example of what's possible when one person steps up to meet a need for their community and one that will have a lasting positive impact for years to come!

Berm Park

To say we are excited about this new park system would be flat-out lying... WE'RE ELATED! Chestnut Mountain Park and Berm Park open up opportunities for the local community and visitors to recreate safely and responsibly. One of the most incredible benefits of this new 450-acre area is that it's free and convenient for the public. In addition to Berm Park, Chestnut Mountain Park boasts a children's play area, picnic area, and multiple hiking and nature trails.

"Chestnut Mountain is a nature-based recreation park, located one mile east from the Town Of Canton, and covers 450 acres of forested ridgelines and coves providing a diverse habitat for a variety of plants and animals. The park consists of a Front Country day-use area for picnicking and transitions into the Backcountry as you move deeper into the park where you'll find multi-use trails for both hikers and bikers." CMP Website

Come see us at Berm Park!

So next time you find yourself staying or passing through our area, make sure you add a stop at Berm Park! Learn more about Chestnut Mountain Park and Berm Park!


Berm Park