Tech Jerseys

Since Cognative MTB started in December 2017, we've been dreaming of adding tech jerseys to the lineup, but we wanted to take our time to ensure the product we released was top of the line. After a year and half of hard work and persistent networking, we are thrilled to partner with the perfect manufacturer for our jersey line so we can offer the highest quality and top performance for the best price.

Our tech jerseys feature our PRO+ fabric which is designed for optimal performance and durability on the trail. The dual layer mesh material wicks moisture away from the body allowing the jersey to dry extremely fast. We took a recent trip out to British Columbia and our test riders couldn't believe how fast it dried out after getting caught in a classic Whistler rain. Our jerseys are custom designed straight from the factory! (Free shipping - Arrives in 1-3 days)

*Jersey fit is very close to our standard t-shirts, only slightly shorter in length.