Berm Peak Standard Tech 2.0 Glove (Digital Camo)

Berm Peak

The official gloves of Berm peak!


Unisex Performance Fit

Product Overview

Our minimalist MTB glove is anything but minimal when it comes to features. We developed the Tech Glove 2.0 to be the most durable and functional mountain bike glove on the market. Part of our sustainability mission at Cognative is to make products that last!

Specs and Features

  • Built to have a minimalist feel
  • Stretch panel on the cuff for easier off/on
  • Touch screen on both the index finger and thumb
  • Reinforcement patch in between the index finger and thumb to prevent common seam blowouts
  • Upgraded palm material and silicone printing for enhanced grip and durability
  • Ultra-soft and durable thumb swiper material
  • Pre-curved fingers for better comfort and control when grabbing the bars
Berm Peak Gloves

Built for you

We believe in the freedom and positive benefits of cycling. Whether you are a beginner mountain biker, weekend warrior, Enduro racer, or just love riding bikes with friends, we built our MTB gear for you.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ron Stallings (Los Angeles, CA)

Legit! My new favorite pair!

Trevor S (Phoenix, AZ)
Fantastic customer service- Update to my initial 2 star review.

Hi hello there. Just wanted to share that the cognitive customer service team reached out to me about my busted gloves. Sent me a replacement free of charge. They even sent me a size smaller (Large) because I mention they didn't fit me right. No questions asked. Great customer service. They even threw in some stickers (one being a berm peak sticker!)
These aren't my favorite gloves in the world. They still feel like they don't fit me right. But hey maybe I have weird hands. The most important thing is these gloves did their job. I took em out for a spin and during the ride and a patch of downhill I
got a little crooked and had too dumped my bike. Found myself headed straight into the ground on my stomach. BUT, I was able to break my fall with my hands and the gloves held up perfectly. No rips, no rocks and gravel embedded in my palms. I got up, dusted myself off and kept on riding.
They seem like a great company.