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Custom Mountain Bike Apparel: Elevate Your Brand with Cognative MTB's Unique Process

January 09, 2024 4 min read

Are you ready to take your brand's identity to the next level? Look no further than our Custom Program! At Cognative, we're passionate about helping you develop your brand through custom apparel that stands out, performs, and feels exceptional.

Crafting Your Unique Identity

Step 1: Discover Cognative's Uniqueness

Choosing Cognative means opting for unparalleled quality. Dive into our customer reviews, past projects, and competitive price lists. With our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, we're geared up to collaborate with you on crafting top-notch gear for your organization.

Step 2: Custom Design Made Easy

Got a concept in mind? Fantastic! We'll run with it. Not sure where to start? No worries! Our expert custom manager is at your service. We'll align your vision with the right design based on style and budget, ensuring a unique design that sets you apart.

Step 3: Style Selection and Quantity

We'll present test prints or mock-ups for your approval, allowing you to finalize the artwork, select styles and quantities, receive project quotes, and make a deposit. We keep you in the loop at every stage.

Step 4: Crafting High-Quality Gear

Relax as we bring your vision to life. We work closely with printers and manufacturers to ensure timely and top-tier production of your custom gear.

Step 5: Hassle-Free Shipping

Your order, completed to perfection. Plus, rejoice! Bulk orders over $1000 for jerseys, hats, and gloves ship FREE within the continental US!

Our Fabrics: Your Comfort, Our Priority

At Cognative, your jersey is more than just apparel; it's a personalized experience. Choose from our exclusive fabric options tailored for ultimate comfort and performance:

  • Ion Pro: Our lightest and most breathable fabric, crafted from a 100% recycled polyester/spandex/silver ion blend. Certified for cooling effects and antibacterial properties, ensuring odor-free, extended wear.
Ion Pro Fabric
  • Mitte Pro: Lightweight, highly ventilated, and quick-drying, this material offers enhanced comfort and flexibility, perfect for active wear.
Mitte Pro Material
  • Promesh Plus: Our go-to for overall performance, featuring dual-layer open mesh for optimal breathability and moisture management.

Gear Up for Victory: Unveiling Our Elite Athlete Product Line

Explore our array of specialized gear designed for athletes, teams, and pro-level riders:

  • Endurance Race Jersey: Packed with premium features, this top-level jersey offers unbeatable comfort and breathability, elevating your ride experience.
  • Race Bibs: Engineered for endurance, with breathable padding and strategic design for maximum comfort during extended rides.
  • Overlook Vest™: Ultralight, windproof, and breathable, this 4-way stretch vest ensures unrestricted movement while providing essential protection.
  • Overlook Thermal™: Stay warm without bulk thanks to our fleece thermal,  4-way stretch fabric, extended collar for warmth, ample pockets, breathability, wind-blocking cuffs, and reflective tabs for safety.


Gloves: Elevate Your Ride with Customized Comfort

When it comes to conquering trails, the right gear can make all the difference. At Cognative MTB, our gloves aren't just accessories—they're an extension of your performance and comfort on the ride. Let's take a closer look at our range and features:

High Tech Touch Screen: Ease and Innovation at Your Fingertips

Say hello to touch screen touch points that actually work. A lot of companies promise to create touchscreen interfaces but fail to deliver. These gloves blend cutting-edge technology with rugged functionality for an unbeatable ride.

Specs and Features: Beyond Minimalism

Despite their minimalist design, our gloves are anything but basic. They're engineered to be the toughest, most functional mountain bike glove on the market. And as part of our commitment to sustainability, we ensure these gloves last through the harshest trails, aligning with our mission to create products built for longevity.


Standard Tech 2.0: Minimalist Marvel

Imagine slipping on a glove that feels like a second skin. That's the promise of our Standard Tech 2.0 gloves. Crafted with a minimalist approach, these gloves boast a stretch panel for easy wear, pre-curved fingers for superior handling and comfort, and reinforced patches to prevent seam blowouts—guaranteeing a smooth and controlled ride.


Summer Mesh: Embrace the Heat

When the sun beats down, our Summer Mesh gloves step up. Their four-way stretch open mesh fabric and fully ventilated palm make you question if you're even wearing gloves. With durability as their core, these gloves provide the best grip for scorching summer rides, ensuring you maintain control without sacrificing comfort.


Gear up with Cognative MTB gloves and experience the difference on your next trail adventure. Your ride deserves nothing less than the best in comfort and performance!


Everyday Performance Apparel: For the Trail and Everything In Between

  • Catalyst Technical Shirt: Elevate Your Ride with Innovation. Unveiling our Catalyst Technical Shirt—a game-changer crafted to revolutionize your trail experience.
  • Embroidered Flannels: New Comfort, New Features. Introducing our all-new Embroidered Comfort Stretch Flannels—crafted to offer supreme feel and movement while you conquer the trails. 
  • Technical Hoodie: Featuring a microfiber lens wipe, hidden pockets, and superior breathability, this hoodie is your go-to for cooler trail days.
  • Custom Casual: From performance T-shirts to tank tops and hoodies, our range offers style, durability, and personalized comfort.

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it! Hear from clients who've experienced the Cognative difference:

  • "Cognative has delivered in every way possible, and we now hear nothing but praise from customers!" - Seth Alvo, Berm Peak.
  • "Working with Cognative was seamless...quick response, full service, and better results!" - Rick Houck, Pisgah Area SORBA.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

At Cognative MTB, your vision becomes reality. Let's craft high-quality custom apparel that speaks volumes about your organization. Get in touch with us today at (828) 290-2081 or drop us an email at

Visit to elevate your brand's identity!