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Customer Feedback Built These Shorts

September 24, 2021 2 min read

Womens MTB short

Have you tried our UPDATED Standard Issue Women's Endurance short?! 


  • New comfort contouring chamois with 4-5 hour ride performance
  • Completely redesigned smooth yoga pant style waist


Customer feedback built these shorts! Customer feedback has always been crucial to our growth here at Cognative. We scan every bit of customer feedback we can get our hands on and use that information to improve every detail of our clothing and business. Your responses, opinions, critiques, observations, and encouragement never go unnoticed. So when you all have an overwhelmingly strong suggestion, we listen... 

Womens MTB short
Womens MTB short
We flattened and removed seams in the waistband to give the shorts a more comfortable feel.  We also completely removed the stretch band on the rear panel and replaced it with the smooth yoga pant style. 
Womens MTB short

As for the Chamois, we went with a complete redesign here.  We had many complaints of stiffness near the groin area, where the chamois meets the upper inner thigh. So we moved to a softer, more flexible pad and moved our seams further down the inner thigh to eliminate any discomfort. 

Technical apparel is a whole different beast than casual apparel. We create products made to face the elements, sweat, friction, and long hours in the saddle. Each product is rigorously tested, but there's still a lot we don't know until it hits the market. As you can see with the Women's Endurance line updates, the areas of improvement came from common heavy wear points. Because of customer feedback, we had the information to pinpoint those spots and make improvements to add comfort.

So check them out here and know that we stand behind all our product's comfort and durability. 3/4 pant style with updates coming soon!