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Merino Wool: It really is AMAZING!

April 23, 2021 2 min read

The magic of wool! We've all heard from that one friend that swears by it or drooled over a Smartwool ad. And perhaps we've all asked the same question: is it really that good? Many of us remember getting a wool sweater as kids, and it was plain awful. Itchy and hot, I couldn't wait to get the thing off! 

Enter Merino Sheep...

Yup, this little guy is the reason we outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy itch-free, buttery soft, technical apparel. Let's break down why your friend (and Smartwool) is a genius.



It's much softer than other wool because its diameter is smaller than human hair. That means it's more compliant with how your body moves rather than stiff and irritating to your skin. The fibers' softness and antibacterial properties make them odor-resistant and suitable for those who typically suffer from allergic reactions.


Merino Wool is made of crimped fibers that trap body heat as tiny air pockets around the body. Think of how a wetsuit works: your body heat warms the water that enters the fabric, and the fabric traps it there, creating insulation. Merino works similarly, heating air.


The fibers' natural properties help move sweat and moisture away from the body and release it as vapor in the air, making Merino Wool an excellent option for hotter days as well.  


Merino Wool naturally resists odor-causing bacteria. Its antimicrobial properties help to eliminate odor as you sweat. This fabric is an excellent choice for some of our extra ripe mountain bikers. 


It's natural! One sheep can grow as much as five pounds of wool per year! It also biodegrades. When you've worn out your wool products, feel good knowing if you end up trashing them, they will not negatively impact our environment.


So there you have it, Merino Wool is everything they say it is and more! It's an excellent option for cold weather and a perfect choice for hotter temperatures as well. Remember that any Merino Wool piece will be great to wear on its own or as a base layer. And if you're worried about the fabric breaking down, choose apparel that is a blend of Merino Wool and another fiber (polyester, spandex, etc.); you'll still get all those great Merino qualities but with a bit of added durability. 


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