Our Story

Our Mission & Vision is to inspire you to drop everything and go ride! We hope our designs motivate you to get out and ride your favorite areas and plan trips to go ride in places you’ve never been before. We strive to bring awareness to all of the amazing places to ride out there and encourage you to get involved with your local trails. At the core of our company is the give back program. We donate from every sale back into the trails we all love!

The Cognative MTB idea came to life while riding in Dupont State Forest on vacation. As I entered the trail system from the parking lot, everything changed. The sights and aromas of the forest were so intoxicating that I no longer cared if the grass needed to be cut back home, if I was going to hit my sales quota at work that month, how I was going to convince my wife to move our family to this area (which I actually did 6 months later!) or about any of the other constant distractions and worries that life would throw my way. The trails that day were incredibly built and maintained. Mind-blowing. A few months later I discovered Pisgah National Forest (but that's a story for another day). I wanted to announce to the entire world what I was doing, where I was riding and the way it made me feel.

There’s a deep connection to a location that comes from exploring the outdoors in new ways and in capacities that few will have the willpower, determination or skill to do. It’s about the sharing the ride and the journey that comes with it.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you out riding your favorite trail soon!

Austin Bankert
Founder, Cognative MTB