Where to Buy

We're teaming up with some of the best retailers and bike shops in Western NC. You can find our products at the following locations:

Asheville, NC

Carolina Fatz 2.0 www.carolinafatz2.com

Products Stocked: "The Bear Necessities"

Asheville Bicycle Company www.ashevillebikecompany.com

Products Stocked: "The Bear Necessities", "Dupont State Forest", "Pisgah GNAR"

Black Dome Sports www.blackdome.com

Products Stocked: "The Bear Necessities", "Pisgah GNAR & Pisgah Classic"

 Brevard, NC

Squatch Bikes www.squatchbikes.com

Products Stocked: "The Bear Necessities", "Pisgah GNAR", "In Search of Singletrack"

Cedar Mountain, NC

Cedar Mountain Cafe www.cedarmountaincafe.com

Cedar Mountain Canteen www.cedarmountaincanteen.com

Products Stocked: "Dupont State Forest", "In Search of Singletrack", "Go Ride Your Bike", "The Bear Necessities"