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Cognative Standard Issue Retro Sock (Thin)

Cognative Standard Issue Bike Socks

Product Overview

The Cognative Retro mountain bike Tech socks are custom built for durability, comfort, and ultimate performance on the trail. 

Specs and Features

  • Thin yet durable sock with core-spun COOLMAX®fabric which is the best of both worlds; unsurpassed moisture management and LYCRA®sport for stability
  • 6" Smooth top cuff for extra coverage
  • Rosso extra smooth looped toe seam (incredibly comfortable and durable)
  • Material: core-spun COOLMAX fabric: 50% COOLMAX fabric, 40% Nylon, 10% LYCRA fiber
Built for You

We believe in the freedom and positive benefits of cycling. Whether you are a beginner mountain biker, weekend warrior, Enduro racer, or just love riding bikes with friends, we built our MTB gear for you.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Timothy Rajah (Singapore)
Excellent Socks

Super comfy, really awesome for riding even on really hot days.

Zak K (Troutman, NC)
Great Fitting Socks!

I just recently switched to riding with taller socks after riding with tall, wool socks during the winter. I liked the added protection from trail debris that they provided. My first few taller (thin) sock purchases were not successful. They were either too tall or they were the right height but the toe box was uncomfortable due to the seams. I'm short (5'6") so the taller the sock, the shorter I look. I know that doesn't really matter while I'm riding but I do care a little about how I look so it matters to me. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that these Cognative thin socks fit really, really well. I still have to adjust them a little when I put them on to get the seems to be just right and not feel weird once in my shoe but it's better than most and I doubt any sock will be perfect every time. I really like the height and they look AWESOME! These match PERFECTLY with my retro jersey and I bought another pair with a different pattern to go with other jerseys that I have. I will be buying more to go with my constantly growing Cognative jersey collection!