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A Mountain Biking Christmas Story

December 03, 2023 2 min read

Once upon a mountainous terrain, two avid mountain bikers, Austin and Steph, were on a quest for the ultimate Christmas gift. They scoured shops and online stores, hoping to find something unique and thrilling for each other. Frustrated by the lack of inspiration, they decided to seek solace at the Cognative Brew House, a local spot known for its rad mountain bike apparel treasures and delicious craft coffee elixirs.

As they sipped on their favorite Cognative Brew House brews, something unexpected happened. With a shimmer and a puff of magic, they found themselves clad in the most outrageous yet strangely appealing Ugly Christmas Sweater Jerseys, courtesy of the Brew House's mystical charm.

"Whoa, check these out!" Austin laughed, examining the jersey's specs. "Perfect for a chilly ride!" Just then, Austin and Steph stumbled upon a map wedged behind their table.

Unfurling it, they discovered it was a guide to the famed Pisgah National Forest, their biking paradise!

With smiles plastered on their faces, they dashed off into the woods, following the mapped trails illuminated by the soft glow of golden hour sprinkling between the trees. Austin and Steph stumbled upon a clearing adorned with a subtle, enchanting scene. Amongst the trees in the clearing was a stash of bikes, gleaming in the sunlight, awaiting discovery. It seemed the forest had gifted them with the means to ride through this Christmas adventure.

"We found it!" Steph exclaimed, pointing at the bikes.
With a sense of wonder and gratitude, they hopped on their newfound rides, feeling the rush of wind and the thrill of the forest around them.

Austin turned to Steph, grinning from ear to ear. "This, right here, is the perfect Christmas gift!"

And so, with hearts full of holiday cheer and the thrill of the trails, they pedaled back home, their Ugly Christmas Sweater Jerseys serving as a reminder of the magical, unexpected journeys that the season brings.

"We found you the perfect gift," they exclaimed to each other, "Cognative Ugly Christmas Sweater Jerseys and an unforgettable adventure!"


The End


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