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All New Local Artist Series: Meet Justin Miles

November 16, 2023 3 min read

Welcome to our new collaboration project, the Local Artist Series, where we partner with local artists to create unique, limited-edition designs just for you!

Our project aims to partner with talented artists to bring attention to their skills and provide a platform for them to showcase their work. Through the lens of biking and design, these artists can express their unique perspectives. This initiative promotes the artists and connects their art to the community, while highlighting the shared interests of biking.

Check out our very first collaboration, the new Arcade Drip Jersey, designed by Justin Miles! The Drip jersey features our industry-leading recycled Ion Pro fabric.

The Interview

We sat down with Justin for a quick Q&A to learn more about his life, what inspires his art, and the all-new Drip design he created exclusively for Cognative MTB.

Q. Can you tell us about growing up in Western North Carolina?

A. I was born and raised in Etowah, NC—sweet tea in the fridge and a healthy dose of MTV on the tube. My parents owned a BBQ restaurant called the Etowah BBQ Shak. I played all sorts of sports, but nothing topped riding bikes and being in the woods. We would terrorize the neighborhood, build trails in the woods, and jump anything we could find. We discovered Mountain Bike Action Magazine, and we were hooked! In the early 90s, our parents would drop us off in Pisgah, and we would ride Black to Thrift with only Mountain Dew in our bottle cages. What an adventure! I've traveled a lot, lived in different spots, and always moved back here. Nothing compares to living in these mountains. I live in Hendersonville, where I'm back working at Sycamore Cycles(for the 3rd time). I've got 2 rad kids, love making music/art, and I'm still riding bikes anytime I get the chance!

Q. Tell us about your art. How did you get started and what inspires you?

A. I got into art through music. I grew up singing in church and began writing songs on an acoustic guitar that my mom bought me. Eventually, I was collecting instruments/recording gear and became obsessed with the whole creative process of writing, recording, and layering tracks to make up a full song! It was when I developed a polyp on my vocal cord in early 2020, and I could barely talk, much less sing, that I started really focusing on art. I was up late drawing or painting every single night for months. Out of that time came a complete sketchbook that will be the artwork/lyric book for a brand new album called "Visions" that I'm releasing at the beginning of 2024 under the Artist's Dunzo. I'm inspired by life, woods, people, experiences, memories, and music, to name a few. If I don't create, I don't feel alive. It's a way of life for me, even if it's art that nobody will ever see.

Q. Could you tell us about the artwork you made specifically for the jersey and what you hope people take away from your design?

A. With this design, I wanted to do something that was not typically seen in cycling apparel. Something that I myself had not seen yet. It was inspired by a piece of art I worked on with my son. I love combining the world of weird fashion and functional apparel. I wanted to make something I would just as quickly wear to a party as on the trail, and it became a conversation piece. I remember being a kid and seeing the Living Colour music video for "Cult of Personality," the guitar player was wearing a pair of Moto pants. That hit so hard. He was bringing something from the Moto world into Rock N Roll, and I was blown away! This jersey makes people feel good about themselves and inspires others that there does not have to be a container where we put our art, ideas, or creations.


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