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Why Are We Making Jackets?

October 28, 2020 2 min read

Aside from the obvious, it gets cold… Our Cognative team has pedaled headfirst into creating adventure gear built for cyclists.  You may be thinking, "don't they already make adventure gear?" and the answer is, Yes, but aside from our standard mountain bike apparel (jerseys, gloves, and socks), we are excited to introduce a new line of jackets.  Please give a warm welcome to our three new rugged, adventure-ready cold-weather pieces, The Men's Cold Mountain Reversible Down Jacket, The Women's Cold Mountain Down Jacket, and our windproof Pinnacle Quilted Jacket.

Our goal of creating a jacket line is twofold—one is to fill our brand's gaps. "Filling in the gaps" sounds like we have problems, but it's not like that!  Our 2021 objective (good riddance 2020) is to outfit you for whatever adventure throws at you.  When we break down all of the wardrobe components needed for a day out on the trails, we find "gaps" in our technical wardrobe offerings, i.e., we need jackets! And two, why are all of us cyclists wearing non-cyclist clothing on and off the bike?  If I look in my closet right now, my go-to winter jacket is made for climbers. There is nothing wrong with me wearing a climbers jacket but wouldn't it be nice to say, "man, I love riding bikes, and that's who I am, and look, my clothing represents that."  We want to outfit our customers and help showcase your identity as a mountain biker, a gravel grinder, or whatever type of cyclist you aim to be.  We want you to feel like you belong to this biking family, the Cognative MTB family.

Our featured jackets…

The Men's Cold Mountain Down Jacket is an essential mountain bike gear piece, rugged like it's namesake, it's adaptability to any environment is what makes it a must-have.  An ultra-lightweight packable design makes it a great companion for multiday adventures or post-ride hangouts.

When we created the Men's Cold Mountain, we knew we had to design a women's jacket that maintained all the same exceptional features, with added style and form for women cyclists.

An ultra-light, packable design, The Women's Cold Mountain Down Jacket is an essential mountain bike gear piece.  Stuff this jacket into your frame bag for multiday rides or keep it close by to warm up after a long cold ride. This versatile yet stylish jacket is made for the outdoors—our women's line is developed with quality, durability, and tailored performance features in mind. 

As we created the Cold Mountain pieces, we felt we needed to design a rugged, versatile wind-resistant jacket that could hold up to the cold mountain winters but maintain extreme breathability. That's how the Pinnacle Jacket was born.

Whether your bombing down gravel or racing the sun slinging mud on singletrack, The Pinnacle is your perfect rugged companion, a barrier to the elements.

We care about the products we provide our customers.  Our products are made with the best quality materials, we spend hours designing every detail, so our customers don't have to replace easily worn-out gear.  It is our companies mission to create quality gear that gets you excited to Go Ride Your Bike.  So, I ask again, why are we making jackets? It's because of you.