With Brand Growth Comes A Need For a Broader Impact

The word "Community" is continuously thrown around the office, whether we're discussing trail work, our mountain biking family, or our partners in commerce.  The idea of community is why Congnative MTB was formed. 

"There's a deep connection to a location that comes from exploring the outdoors in new ways and capacities that few will have the willpower, determination, or skill to do. It's about sharing the ride and the journey that comes with it."

The best part of belonging to a community is the opportunity to share with others, and that is what we strive for at Cognative.  Perhaps the most important sharing we do is our new 2% For the Trails Program.

Our 2% For The Trails initiative, formerly known as our "Give Back Program," has matured into a more broadened trail advocacy campaign where we donate 2% back from every sale to the trails.  As our brand grows, so does our need to give more, everywhere, not just in Western North Carolina.  In the past few years, Cognative MTB has donated over $8,000 in funding to community partners pursuing cleaner, better-maintained trails.  As we head into another season of giving, we felt it our responsibility to increase our impact and look beyond our own backyard to the spaces and places Cognative MTB customers love and want to protect. This year, we will be asking you, our community, to help us find our next recipient by voting for the trails you think need this money.  We are working on putting together a campaign to award $2,500 in funding to the trail communities impacted by the wildfires currently wreaking havoc on the West Coast.  We will be announcing details soon.

As we've grown, so has our community, and with brand growth comes the need for a broader impact.  Please join us this year in giving to a trail community that genuinely needs it.  We will also continue to invest in our trails and spread the importance of advocacy through our local partners at Pisgah Area Sorba, Friends of Dupont, Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition, Moore MTB, and Boone Area Cyclists.  We realize there is always more to be done, but we feel we must continually grow our efforts, one step at a time; it is also essential to support and encourage you, our Cognative family, to do your part.  Caring for others, caring for our community, and the land we call home is a never-ending job, one that we take pride in pursuing every day. 

 Thank you,

Austin Bankert

Founder, Cognative MTB

Rachel Wood

Brand Development Manager


Through our passion for providing our customers with quality apparel and gear, we hope to inspire you to Go Ride Your Bike.

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  • Jeffrey Febles

    I love this message – we are all earthlings and we all love to ride.

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