Women's Standard Issue Endurance Shorts

Women's Standard Issue Endurance Short

Women's Performance Fit

Product Overview

We strive to create gear that performs without lacking in comfort.  Our Standard Issue Endurance shorts are constructed to tackle long hours in the saddle with next-to-skin softness and breathability.

Specs and Features

  • 82% Polyester 18% Spandex with 4-way stretch
  • Poly Performance material to aid moisture transfer and breathability
  • Thigh opening Comfort Cuff design offers stay-in-place coverage without the need for excessive compression or grippers
  • New comfort contouring chamois with 4-5 hour ride performance
  • Completely redesigned smooth yoga pant style waist

Built for you

We believe in the freedom and positive benefits of cycling. Whether you are a beginner mountain biker, weekend warrior, Enduro racer, or just love riding bikes with friends, we built our MTB gear for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Abby Rankin (Tampa, FL)
Bomb diggity bum comfort

And there I was sitting in chest deep chilly water, wait I think I need to start at the beginning... If you ride in Central FL you have probably heard of Carter Rd (Loyce Harp Park) in Mulberry/Lakeland. The trails there weave in and out of swamp/lake/ponds with technical exposure to said water. Over the weekend I was excited to try out my new bum pad shorts and donned them with glee. I love all my CM gear and had high expectations for this new addition. As my friends and I rode in the chilly air, I had a happy bum. The padding is situated front to back/side to side perfectly. Comfy bum, happy me. Anyways, then I clipped a wise old tree and tumbled unceremoniously into the murky waters on Lord of the Flies. Soaked, 100% soaked. After extracting myself, with help cause that's a whole thing, we rode on. These shorts took this swim with aplomb! My bum did not feel sloppy/soaked/gross/wet at all over the remaining 7ish miles we rode. Even while changing they were the least wet clothing item I removed. I am sold. I will be highly recommending these to all my friends and to you dear reader. Excellent price point, great performance, and just all around comfortable to wear. Buy these shorts ladies you won't be unhappy.

Janice Henning (Alpharetta, GA)
Super comfy affordable shorts

Love these shorts! Super comfy padding, much more comfortable than some of the more expensive brands. My only feedback would be to make them slightly longer as they are shorter than typical shorts if you don't plan to wear them as under shorts. Definitely recommend these shorts!!

RVA (Glen Allen, VA)
Nice quality; runs very small

I originally ordered two pairs in size M, based on the size chart, but they ran very small. I ordered another two pairs in size L, and they fit better. I love the waist, it is very comfortable, and nicely smoothes things out. However, when I bend at the waist— when riding— the waist immediately rolls down and bunches under my baggy shorts. Maybe if I lose a few pounds it won’t be an issue (but the shorts fit well when I’m standing)?

Customer (Greenville, SC)
Definitely my favorite

These are by far my favorite bike shorts. The waist band and leg bands and so comfortable and smooth. I’ll definitely be buying more.

Kellie Lockwood (Columbus, IN)
Was looking for the Be Nice Say Hi shirt

…when I saw Cognative MTB has a short rated for hours of use, similar to the Club Ride rating, but for 4-5 hour rides instead of a mere 3, and at a better price. I bought two pair (to take advantage of free shipping), and I am so glad I did because these are the only shorts I want to wear now! We recently took a week long trip to northern Georgia, and even though I packed other liners, I opted to wear a pair of my Cognatives each day. They were comfortable and stayed in place even when sopping wet (once from taking an unplanned dip in a creek crossing, another from getting caught in the rain). I will definitely be purchasing more and eventually replace my other shorts. These can be worn as bike shorts without baggies over top as well.